S.M. la Reine

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HRH The Princess of Legialle

Marie-Adélina I (born 17 May 1986) is the present Queen of the Legiálles, ruling since the foundation of the micronation on 13 September 2017.


Early Life

Marie-Adélina was born in San Diego, California, in the United States. Her father, Mark Anthony, was born in Illinois but raised an orphan at a young age. Her mother, The Princess Dominique, was born in Zaire (today’s Dem. Rep. of Congo) to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke & (first) Duchess de Coidavid. Marie-Adélina’s parents would later move back to Rochester, NY, where she grew up and went to school.

The Princess Dominique would go on to have three more children: Jean-Pierre, Oniaja, and Tatiana; the two younger ones were from her second husband.

Growing up, Marie-Adélina had a fondness for history. In particular, the stories of old kings and queens. This eventually led her to study royal history at the academic level. The Princess holds a Bachelor's in History and a Master's in World History from the College at Brockport (NY), where she specialized in Early Modern European & Public History. She also holds two Master's Certificates in Nonprofit and Arts Administration. 


head of THE NATION

The Queen is de jure head of state & government and holds office for life. As chief of state, Marie-Adélina plays a ceremonial and symbolic role in the nation. She is first and foremost the representative of the micronation, and speaks on behalf of all citizens both domestically and international. She is the living embodiment of the community’s culture and history. On occasion, she receives and accredits all representatives to or from the Court, and may engage in informal and royal (official) visits.  

As Sovereign, she has a significant role in the legislative process. The Queen must sign every law before becoming valid. Marie-Adélina is chair of the Crown Council of Legiálle, a formal body of appointed advisers, who consult the monarch on various aspects of policy. The Council serves a dual role as both a privy council and the executive cabinet government. All serve at her pleasure.  

titles and styles

13 September 2017 - Present: Her Majesty The Queen of the Legiálles.

The Queen’s style in title in full:

(FR) Sa Majesté Sérénissime et Royale, Marie-Adélina la Première, Reine des Legiálles, Curatrice de la Couronne, Souverain Grand Maître des Ordres de Chevalerie et Chef de la Maison Royale de Legiálle.

(EN) Her Most Serene & Royal Majesty, Marie-Adélina the First, Queen of the Legiálles, Curatrix of the Crown, Sovereign Grand Master of the Orders of Chivalry & Head of the Royal House of Legiálle.

(LC) Trankilite li ak Royal Majeste, Marie-Adélina Premye a, Rèn nan Legiálles, Konsèvatè nan kouwòn lan, Gran Mèt Grandè nan lòd nan chevalri ak tèt nan kay la Royal nan Legiálle.

In addition, The Queen may receive honorific titles and inductions into foreign orders. This is gifted as demonstration of inter-micronational diplomacy and commitment to various causes and contributions: 

Duchess of Fonte Regina (Decracy of Vilthia)

Knight Grand Cross, Order of Merit of the Vilthian Cross (Decracy of Vilthia)

Dame, Order of The Queen (Karnia-Ruthenia Empire)

personal life

As a Creative Arts Advocate, her previous experiences also includes curating small-scale exhibitions at the Rochester Museum & Science Center and the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester. She currently works as the Content Marketing Manager for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Queen Marie-Adélina is presently unmarried and has no children. Her interests includes art & culture and history. She has also been a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights in Legiálle and abroad.