Queen makes Claim to Navassa Island

Letter on the Status of Navassa Island.png

The Queen has formally laid claim to Navassa Island, effective 8 August.

Though claims to Legiálle’s uninhabited islands has varied since its founding, this is the first time The Crown has formally taken action. A letter was draft and sent to American and Haitian governments as both countries contest claim to it.

“Navassa's story also entails the ongoing struggle and invasion of two great republics - Haiti and the United States - in their desire to press claims to it,” Queen Marie-Adelina writes in the letter. “To ensure peace between fellow nations, I formally lay claim to Navassa Island for myself and the surrounding waters 15 miles around it.”

The island has been named the Crown Territory of Legiálle. The nation’s official capital is Cap-Paradis, the site of an abandoned lighthouse built by the American government. However, Article III of the Foundation Act states the working capital “is wherever the Monarch resides.”

Royaume de Legialle