Legialle Offers Non-Binary Noble Titles

The Crown Council approved a bill to create non-binary titles of nobility.

The titles ranks are Chevaliex, Baronix, Comtix, Marquix, Ducix, and Princix.

The Queen-in-Council approved a measure to include non-binary ranks for the nobility.

The Queen-in-Council approved a measure to include non-binary ranks for the nobility.

The Motion to adopt the practice was an initiative led by several members of the Council, including The Princess Regnant. Marie-Adélina I, who is transgender, championed the motion as "a step in the positive direction for not only Legialle but, hopefully, macronational entities as well." 

Jordan Honsinger, a nonbinary entertainer, is among the first recipient under this new ruling. With letters patent dated on Wednesday, their new title is Their Honorable Comtix Olivier (Leurs Honorable Comtix Olivier). 

The Realm has actively pursued ways to promote an inclusive space for transgender and non-binary individuals. Applicants have the ability to select their identity during the citizenship process. In addition, The Crown in-Council guaranteed to limit activities and diplomatic relationships with businesses and entities that have a record of transphobia. Her Serene and Royal Highness gave her Assent last year to a bill that protects Legiallois transgender and non-binary individuals from harassment and discrimination. 

The approval on Wednesday coincided with the first-ever International Pronouns Day. The day was created to empower transgender and non-binary people in the community while educating on best practices for the uninformed. Though the Legialle Chancery did not actively participate in any celebrations, the nearby LGBTQIA+ organization - The Out Alliance - hosted a series at their newly renovated community center. 

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