National Holidays Announced

With government offices opened, the first order of business was to prepare for public holidays. This year, there will be ten national holidays celebrated over the year, eleven if including New Year's Day. 

They are: 

  • Carnival – Tuesday, 13 February.

  • Proclamation Day – Wednesday, 28 March

  • Princess Regnant’s Official Birthday (Three-Day Bank Holiday): Thursday-Saturday, 17-19 May.

  • Legiallois National Day (Two-Day Bank Holiday): Thursday & Friday, 13-14 September.

  • All Saints’ & All Souls Day: Monday & Tuesday, 1-2 October

  • Christmas: Tuesday, 25 December

  • New Year’s Day: Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Princess’ Official Birthday will be extended as a three-day bank holiday. Legiallois National Day, the first for the new monarch, will also take place on Thursday. There were some on the Crown Council advocating for another three-day holiday in September.

However, the Council expressed some restraint.

Royaume de Legialle