Statement from The Queen

Monogram gold.png

23 January 2018

Though my reign is short, my sense of duty is a lifelong commitment. Even at this time, I have spent countless hours – and little sleep – working to create a micronation that goes beyond simply light talk. I have a passion to create an organization that maintains a ‘royal’ mission to support creative programs and projects that foster positive relationships in communities is paramount. A goal that goals beyond our inter-micronational community.  

In the past year, the world has seen conflicts upon conflicts. International crises ebbing and flow. These horrific events are compounded with global changes in the environment and the advancement of technology. These will, unsurprisingly, increase the inequality between the rich and poor. This impact will be drastically felt most especially in developing countries. The United Nations Children’s Fund’s global mission to protect and defend the rights of every child is a call they have pursued for over 170 years. Assisting the most vulnerable across 190 countries and regions, the organization has sought to make the lives of global youths safer, healthier, and more equitable for a brighter future. Across countries and conflicts, UNICEF works with its global partners to get the proper services needed to children around the globe.

I would like to challenge citizens and governments of micronations across the globe to take part in raising funds for UNICEF. While it may not be much, your participation offers a better future for the children and youth across the globe.

I do hope we can work together soon, creating a brighter future for peoples all over the world.


Marie-Adélina R