Current Projects

There are six key areas we concentrate on:

Climate Change

We believe in the role of communities taking an active and positive lead responding to changes in our environment. It is our duty to continually and consciously act as stewards of our environment.

honouring haitian art & culture

Legiálle is inextricably linked with the history and culture of Haiti. Once known as the ‘Pearl of the Antilles’, we shed a positive light on Haiti and Haitians throughout the world.

Advancement of women

Women are key role-players in our local, regional, and global communities. We find ways to advance diverse causes that ensure women are given an influential voice.

promotion of lGBTQ+ rights

We believe all LGBTQ+ persons and communities are treated equally under the law. No person should be left behind regardless of sex or gender identity.

Promoting inter-cultural dialogue

Regardless of color, culture or creed, we are all part of one community - and should treat each other as such.

Elimination of child poverty

All of our programs highlight the continued assurance the next generation are given a fair and equitable chance to make a positive impact in their communities. Without them, all would be lost.