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Official Name: Kingdom of Legiálle (Royaume de Legiálle/Wayom nan Lijall)

Short Name: Legiálle

Established: 13 September 2017

Motto: Vires Sapientiae Virtus (Latin: Strength, Wisdom, Valour)

Anthem: La Marche Royale

Population: 78 (as of July 2019)

Official Language(s): English, French, Legiálles Creole

Demonym: Legiálles/Lijallwas

Organizational Structure: Unitary Absolute Popular Monarchy

Head of State: Queen Marie-Adélina I

Legislature: General Council

Currency: Coquilles

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

National Sport: Soccer

National Animal: Red-footed Booby

Holidays: New Year’s Day (1 Jan) Women’s Day (8 March) Culture Day (25 March) Queen’s Birthday (17-19 May) Environment Day (5 June) Pride Day (24 August) Foundation Day (13 September) Feast of the Dead (2 November) Children’s Day (20 November) Day of Thanks and Giving (5 December)


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Crown of Legiálle

Blending Western and Haitian iconography, the Crown of Legiálle features pearled arches. The pearls are a reference to the island of Sainte-Domingue, which was known historically as the Pearl of the Antilles. The phoenixes rising from flames symbolize rebirth a renewal, a nod to the Arms of Henry Christophe, later King Henry I of Haiti, who is a cognatic ancestor of Legiálle’s Royal Family. The orb with cross atop the crown symbolizes (Western) monarchical authority, while the supporting palm leaves referencing Haiti.

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Royal Cypher

A cypher is a monogram-like image indicating the reigning queen or king, used on official and personal documents. It usually features the monarch’s initials, and more than often surmounted by a crown. The current cypher interweaves the letters ‘M’ and ‘A’, with the Crown of Legiálle above. (Cypher by Glasshouse, Creative Commons.)


Coat of Arms - Medium.png

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is the "emblem" of the nation and the Royal Family. It shows three red stripes with crowns and three white stripes with blue escallops (seashells). The arms rest on an escallop, with a banner below which reads Vires Sapientiae Virtus or Strength, Wisdom, Valor (national motto). The Crown of Legiálle surmounts the shield. 

The supporters are represented as Simbis, water spirits of folklore, crowned, each wielding a sword. 


National Flag of Legialle.png

State Flag

The State Flag is our national flag, symbolizing our country. The flag features six blue shells against a white background interchanged with three white shells against a blue background. (Heraldry Shells by madnoy74, Creative Commons.) 

Royal Flag of Legialle.png

Sovereign’s Flag

The Sovereign’s Flag is flown on any building, ship, car, or aircraft in which the Monarch is staying or traveling. It  features a blue field with a white cross between four white shells with the Crown of Legiálle in the center. (Heraldry Shells by madnoy74, Creative Commons.)