Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a micronation? 

A. Micronations, sometimes referred to as a new country project, is an entity that claims to be an independent nation but is not recognized by any foreign government or international organization. Some micronations, like the Principality of Sealand, have actual land that is claimed as their own, while others are entirely online only. Their goals vary, from recognition as a state by international bodies/governments, to simply a simulation. 


Q. Where is Legiálle located? 

A. The Crown Territory of Legiálle is located between Jamaica and Haiti. Most of our customs and culture is directly linked to Haïti. Official business is conducted through the Legiálle Chancery in Rochester, NY (USA).

Q. Can I become a Citizen?

A. Yes! You can apply here.

Q. Can I join the nobility?

A. Nobility is currently awarded based on merit or upon completing service to The Crown. You may petition for a title by emailing us at

Q. What is the currency of Legiálle?

A. The official currency of Legiálle is the Coquilles.

Q. Who is the present ruler of Legiálle?

A. The Realm is governed by Her Majesty Queen Marie-Adélina I.