Ever thought about starting your own country? We did!

Legialle is a nation with a population, laws, customs, and a government. But it is not a country in the literal sense. Sounds a bit odd, right? After a night of fun and friendship, a group of similar-minded creatives got together to create this micronation - a ‘Jewel’ of the Caribbean.  


The Republic of Molossia. The Grand Duchy of Westarctica. The Kingdom of Ruritania. You won’t spot them on the globe, but micronations have emerged all over the globe. While its origins are murky, micronations have emerged in various spots throughout history. Seborga, located in Italy, has a claim which goes back to the early medieval period, while others like Arucania emerged during the nineteenth century. Their first – and, so far, only – King laid claim to territories in South America. Unfortunately, his press for legitimacy was met with the power of the Chilean forces. Legialle may have claims, but we have no intentions to declare ourselves an sovereign state.

At the micro levels (pun intended…we think), micronations are social groups/clubs/communities. Think about your local elk lodge, country club, or neighborhood gym. It’s a group of people with similar interests, and values, coming together for a cause. Just like a micronation, its members abide by a set of rules (a Constitution), learn from each other and, on occasion, take up a charitable cause.

Though micronations exist in their own small world (pun intended), they strive to make positive impacts around the world. Some, like Flandresis and Westarctica, push for environmental issues. Others, like the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, have a social agenda. (Formally ‘at war’ with Australia, they dissolved following the passage of same-sex marriage.) And still, others are formed for personal or educational reasons. 

What once started out as a creative hobby has since grew. Sure, some may hold their noble titles in high regard.  And, yes, others may make the royal salute. It simply adds flavor to our colorful nation. But there's aspiration to do more. We desire to make a positive impact in communities, inspire individuals to think big, while believing in the creative arts as a force for change.

We are on a ‘royal’ mission to support programs and projects that foster positive relationships in communities.

Statistical Information 

Official Name: Kingdom of Legialle (Royaume de Legiálle/Wayom nan Lijall)

Short Name: Legialle

Established: 13 September 2017

Motto: Vires Sapientiae Virtus (Latin: Strength, Wisdom, Valour)

Anthem: La Marche Royale

Official Language(s): English, French, Legiallois Creole

Demonym: Legiallier (Legiállois(e)(i)/Lijallwa)

Organizational Structure: Constitutional Participatory Hereditary Monarchy

Head of State: Marie-Adélina I

Legislature: General Council

Currency: Coquilles

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

National Sport: Soccer

National Animal: Red-footed Booby

Holidays: New Year’s Day (1 Jan) Women’s Day (8 March) Culture Day (25 March) Queen’s Birthday (17-19 May) Environment Day (5 June) Pride Day (24 August) Foundation Day (13 September) Feast of the Dead (2 November) Children’s Day (20 November) Day of Thanks and Giving (5 December)  




Coat of Arms - Medium.png

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is the "emblem" of the nation and the Royal Family. It shows three red stripes with crowns and three white stripes with blue escallops (seashells). The arms rest on an escallop, with a banner below which reads Vires Sapientiae Virtus or Strength, Wisdom, Valor (national motto). The Crown of Legialle surmounts the shield. 

The supporters are represented as Simbis, water spirits of folklore, crowned, each wielding a sword. 

National Flag of Legialle.png

State Flag

The State Flag features six shells, three of them blue against a wavy white background and the other three white against a blue background. (Heraldry Shells by madnoy74, Creative Commons.) 

Royal Flag of Legialle.png

Sovereign’s Flag

The Sovereign’s Flag is flown on any building, ship, car, or aircraft in which the Monarch is staying or traveling. It  features a blue field with a white cross between four white shells with the Crown of Legialle in the center. (Heraldry Shells by madnoy74, Creative Commons.)

Flag of Maritime Islands.png

Flag of the Maritime Islands

The Dominion of the Maritime Islands (Les iles maritimes) is a Realm of the Crown, made up of uninhabited islands in the Rochester, NY region of the Genesee River. Though a separate realm, all official business remains directed by the Legiállois government. The dominion’s flag features Legialle’s Great Coat of Arms against a red background.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a micronation? 

A. Micronations, sometimes referred to as a new country project, is an entity that claims to be an independent nation but is not recognized by any foreign government or international organization. Some micronations, like the Principality of Sealand, have actual land that is claimed as their own, while others are entirely online only. Their goals vary, from recognition as a state by international bodies/governments, to simply a simulation. 


Q. Where is Legialle located? 

A. Legialle is inspired by the rich culture and history of the Caribbean. Our micronation claims the uninhabited islands of Navassa, Desecheo, Cardona, Monito, Bajo Nuevo Bank, and Serranilla Bank. Official business is conducted through the Legialle Chancery in Rochester, NY (USA).

Q. Can I become a Citizen?

A. Yes! You can apply here.

Q. Can I join the nobility?

A. Yes! You can purchase them here.

Q. What is the currency of Legialle?

A. The official currency of Legialle is the Coquilles.

Q. Who is the present ruler of Legialle?

A. The Kingdom of Legialle is governed by Her Majesty The Queen, Marie-Adélina I.